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What does a banker check while giving a loan?

While giving a loan, a banker checks the following details :

Ratios as mentioned below –

1. Interest service coverage ratio
2. Debt service coverage ratio
3. Debt to equity ratio

Along with the ratio’s analysis, bank check following details as well:

4. Your future projections
5. Your future business endeavours
6. Your loan repayment capacity from your existing business

If the banker finds that you will not be able to pay the interest and repay the loan, you’re your proposal will not get sanctioned.

So, you need to prepare yourself according to the banker because if you make things easy for a banker, then the banker will give you loan easily.

We as a team of Mind Visio calculate all your ratios beforehand and present all ratios to your desired bank for loan process. This will make the process fast and banker will understand how much borrowing you can avail.

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