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People normally wait for a right time to buy a new home or property as per there budgets. We understand that everyone has to plan carefully for house purchase, while considering monthly income, current EMIs and expenses. But sometimes we wait for so too long and we miss the opportunity. For example if you are saving to buy a new house for two years, but the meanwhile time the REAL ESTATE price is also increasing. So, waiting will not serve our purpose or fulfil our dreams of new house.
HERE, we can work with a one solution among multiple by identifying an under construction property which may be come at lower cost and you will also get sufficient time to arrange your fund or pay the down payment in multiple trenches.
Thankfully, now a days funding norms are in the range of 80-90%* of FAIR MARKET VALUE & the rate is also in range of 6.85%* onwards for any loan amount (Salaried and Self Employed).
Team MIND Vision can help you to arrange an customised Home Loan solutions with best-in-class services with simplified documentation and loan process. We can also help you to avail loans for purchase of new house, construction on NA plot and extension of house as well.

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