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Loan Against Property (LAP)

To availed loan against property (LAP), purpose might be any as meeting expenditure on education, setting up a business ,marriage, healthcare, etc. other than speculative purpose. This is a secured loan that banks/NBFCs provide against residential or commercial property. This facility is applicable only for pre-owned property, no matter if the person are salaried or self-employed in a business or professional setup. LAP loan is available at low-interest rates as compare to personal or unsecured business loan with tenures in range of 15 to 20 years. For loan bank/NBFCs will have to furnish the necessary documents as well as credit history, repayment capacity and marketability of the property to be mortgaged. After an sufficient track record with bank/NBFC you can also apply for a ‘top-up’ loan, but this would depend on factors such as repayment history of a pre-existing home loan and outstanding balance on that loan, monthly income and loan to property value ratio. However, a fresh property appraisal is not required as the property is already mortgaged with the lender.

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